Project Failure

Debunking the myth of project failure

Astute business leaders like to review project development and the causes of project failure. They want to understand what is going wrong and how to fix it. Academic research shows that 68% of all projects fail.  McKinsey state that 17% of these projects fail so badly that the future of the company’s existence is threatened. What is not understood is that the data […]

3 Leadership Skills Project Managers Need

3 Leadership Skills Project Managers Need

3 leadership skills project managers need – why?  All managers lead projects at some stage of their career. Some managers lead and take part in projects as their ‘day job’. The list of skills needed to succeed is long and can be daunting. I am therefore focusing on three, less obvious and most critical leadership skills project managers […]

Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence Video by Daniel Goleman

“The greatest barrier to self-understanding is our fear of knowing the truth within ourselves, but when we do understand ourselves, we greatly enhance what we are capable of.” ― Carla H. Krueger Daniel Goleman Explains The Basics Of Emotional Intelligence Daniel Goleman is widely considered to be the father of Emotional Intelligence after writing his book in 1995.  He […]